Rebecca Carrington – Soliloquy To Tranquility: Now available at all online retailers (27th Sept. 2014).


Rebecca is a talented singer, cellist, performer and cabaret artiste.

She has recorded and performed with Aretha Franklin, 4 Hero, Jill Scott and Kanye West. She has toured in Europe as a cellist and backing vocalist with David Byrne (ex-Talking Heads), In addition to performing on film soundtracks including "Lord of the Rings" and "Harry Potter".

Co-Written and recorded by Simon Christophers in 2003, Rebecca created the seminal set Soliloquy To Tranquility - now fully remastered - and available digitally for the first-time in its entriety.

Also included are two previously unreleased demos 'Time Will Tell' and 'Feeling I Am Falling'.

Available to download here.

It's Going On! - Cider-Man/Mrs Brown single by Winston Skerritt (27th August 2014)


Chase away those post holiday blues with a two track offering courtesy of Winston Skerritt.

A regular on the south London acoustic singer-songwriting circuit Winston has never been one to be put off by a test... Coupling intricate strummed rhythms with choice lyrics delivered with a soulful spaciness that bring to mind a reflective Jimi Hendrix… Winston is forging a path and developing a sound that is at once familiar but ultimately his own.

Mrs Brown swings around on a burgeoning romance - a romeo looking for a place or state of perfect happiness within in the arms of the mysterious Mrs. Brown. This is bliss it would seem and then yet Mrs Brown still drives the protagonist from his town, ending on a question mark that begs for more but is satisfying all the same. Mrs Brown has us spun!

Needing to be loved? Cider-man pours out some blues for anyone who needs to hold on…. the arrange and delivery evokes a little Fleet Foxes and a smattering of Joni Mitchell whilst the listener is still carried away on a not so cruel tide by Winstons plaintive refrains that blow through a very mystic air.

We are proud to present Winston Skerritts debut release, available via iTunes, Amazon mp3 and many more digital retailers. Don't let these precious moments slip away - head over to your preferred download store!

Out Now! - Mulberry Harbour/Falaise Pocket by Guilo (27th July 2014)


Mulberry Habour and Falaise Pocket, curious titles that conjure many meanings for those who know not where they are plucked. But lest we forget the sacrifice of WWII and the bloody days of Operation Overlord when thousand pitted themselves against the Atlantic wall and pushed through the liberation of western Europe.

Mulberry Harbour, innovative and modern, brutalist even; and a lasting monument at Arromanches for generations. Inspirational engineering with more than a splash of English eccentricity.

Falaise Pocket, twisted and trapped, a maelstrom of chaos that saw the last real throes of the axis powers in Gaul. Decisive to say the least. The counter-offensive collapsed and the corridor closed. Withdrawal and the push to Paris could begin again.

Single of the Month - Family by Guilo out NOW (27th June 2014)


Remastered for 2014; Guilos first foray into electronic ambiance is brought back through time from 1993 to the present day for a fresh outing.

Recorded at SkyArk Studios in Bournemouth - where Guilo was working with producer/programmer James Sanger, the original session saw a finished result with a running time clocking in at over 14mins. The second session saw this whittled down to a more palatable five and whilst both versions were released on CD at the time it is the condensed version that came to be definitive.

Whilst soaked in the oblicatory Orb and KLF influences of the time the electronic ambience of Family however has a eye firmly on the future with live glockenspiel and plucked strings - these elements coupled with sampled glitches and wind pipes push the enevlope to the ambient leanings of modern day ambient productions.

Lay back, listen and enjoy - and download for free over at BandCamp.

We've Maeg'd it! One year on... Hello Vol: One a retrospective of a year of Maeg Music out NOW (27th May 2014)


Who'd a thunnk it! We made it to one year-old, and to celebrate here is a retrospective of some of the highlights from the past years monthly releases via Maeg Music.

Charting territory from nu-folk, experimental, urban-alternative, nu jazz and twee techno - we have covered a lot of bases, and there is more to come this year.

New material from Riketté is due September 2014, as well as new and originally composed and fully orchestrated tracks from Emmie Ward are also lined-up to be let loose. Old face but new comer to Maeg is Winston Skerritt who is wrapping up some sublime and soulful sessions as we speak. Not to mention the second half of Earthman's Emotions.

Last but by no means least Guilo is polishing up his long awaited full length album .

So, in the meantime lie back and enjoy the past year in revue that is Hello: Volume One.

Earthman - Emotions Part 1 of 2 out NOW (27th April 2014)


Twenty years ago, a small UK based independent musician released Emotions. Earthman, in the spirit of the time cut an enigmatic figure and little is known about him and no biogs or photos exist.

What info is available points to an individual who'd come up through the m25/Orbital rave scene, selling his musical creations on compact cassette format from a battered 'Rush Release' bag circa 1989-1990.

Cassette (and t-shirt sales) were solid, and the tape became widely bootlegged, anecdotally, copies could be found at the time attributed to completely spurious acts. By 1994 Emotions had been picked up by distributor Intuitive and featured at quality outlets such as Camdens Zoom.

However, time has seen the tapes (like the t-shirts) fade in quality and playable copies rarely surface. But the memory of Earthmans music has survived not least because of the marriage of underground techno innovations with an twee English eccentricity but now also due to the rediscovery of the mastertapes lodged in storage at Intuitive's lock-up - only coming to light after a job lot sale of vinyl via ebay. Enjoy Emotions - now remastered and released as Emotions, Part 1 of a two part set... from Maeg Music.

Time to put the Kett amongst the pigeons... Riketté - full album out NOW (27th March 2014)


Wham, Bam, thank you M'aam -
the Lambeth Royalty that is KettGen sashays onto iTunes (and all other major download stores/streaming services worldwide) and flops down a weighty, rabble rousing stormer of a set that is her dedut long-player on the kitchen table. Maeg has been looking forward to setting Kett amongst the pop pigeons for sometime... oh yes!

Waxing lyrical on rich and varied paens to loves won and lost, bottles sunk and battles fought on disparate yet cohesive productions that run the gamut from smoky, jazz filled vibes to straight up 2-step ska and beyond. Riketté embues each viginette with an individual character. Best likened to your favourite dishes severd with a extra little shot of Tabasco - some like hot, and shes knows most do.

Kett not only provides wonderful warbling but adds her productions skills, ivory tickling and even slide whistle to the meleé - combine this with authentic live percussion, tough brass (courtesy of John Eacott) straight-from-the-hip syncopated guitars (Simon Christophers) not to mention further co-collab's (Crownstone and Torpex5) you know its time to bow down and parléz.


Nobody knows of his pain... The Werewolf - out NOW (27th Feb 2014)


As songs go the Werewolf has got to be up there with the best for multi-layers of interpretable meaning.

I won't add my museings to the many to be found online... suffice to say it is well twisted.

Michael Hurleys original composition has (until now) been most notably and ably covered by Barry Dransfield (vinyl diggers delight!) And more recently by Cat Power - each version turning in a different angle on what is it has to be said is a very sinister set of prose.

Emmie Wards take detracts nothing from the lyrics but also imbues the lyric with a haunted and soulful essence, protective and yet unguarded. Accomplished yet innocent. Beneath lurks Mark Beazleys powerful and turbulent orchestration. Masterfully matching Emmies rendition with harmonic overtones to dramatic effect - at once up-to-date and yet timeless all the same.

A syntheses of cinematic sheen is present across the entire production and reflects the depth of Hurleys writing - a subject that could have easily turned out a novelty like so many b movies - but The Werewolf has in this guise risen and returned darker than a Hollywood super-hero reboot.

Head over to BC for a free download now!

Freestyle guitar work-outs: Headstockz - out NOW (27th January 2014)


OK, so here is the concept (yes you heard right, a concept album and experimental at that); set aside one hour. Fire up logic, select a drum loop at random. Select a bass loop at random. This should take maximum 8 minutes. Plug in your guitar, press record and play for 8 minutes. Allow a maximum of 4 edits on what you have recorded in, (to take out any massive clangers or immensly tedious bits) If you have anytime left before the hour is up add a some other instruments (harp/percussion/wtf). Leave it for seven years and then release on BandCamp - the leaving for seven years is not really neccessary by the way - just that life can tend to get in the way and BandCamp might not have been invented.

And just another gentle reminder: Riketté's eponymous debut album drops 27th March 2014 - full release on iTunes/Spotify/online retailer of your choice!

New Year, New You? Detox with Rik's Drink It In, double a-sided single promo release out NOW (27th December 2013)


Feeling a little worse for wear? Plucking up muster for the 31st? Or maybe your still full of beans and ready for more of the high life – whatever the weather – New Year's knocking with Maeg still in the Christmas spirit. As such we have a gratis gift of gravity that is smoother than a gravy sarnie for you to feast upon! But before you slide over to claim your free download at Bandcamp, know this; Drink It In/ Running Away is a double header of a release worthy of repeated listens at home, work or play. Pop it on your phone and whistle while you work out those New Year resoultions. If its the demon drink that needs putting to bed or there are ghosts in the closet that need airing then chase them otta earth this hogmany with a freshly ironed shirt of alternative urban shakedowns couretesy of Maeg.

More reason's to be cheerful: Maeg Music's first showings on iTunes (ét al) are due 2014. Hee Haw!

Jazz the way you like it... - Riketté's Miss Leading Happy - Three track extended play promo release out NOW (27th November 2013)


Baring her soul on this three track promotional release, Riketté charts loves won and lost whilst setting out her stall with soon to be trademarked lyrical shenanigans and syncopated arrangements. Featuring the wonderful trumpet playing of brass legend John Eacott, title track Miss Leading Happy has a vibe of Burt Baccarach meets Chet Baker in Brixton High Street - and its a pretty fair result, honest! Check out the free download on Bandcamp. Also included on the EP is X-Box Live: a paen to the utopian delights of the virtual world which continues within the jazz idiom; whilst Lonely Blues brings Rik back into the familar ska inflected territory (or the 'urban alternative'!) replete with a haunting lead harmonica topline.

Watch this space as soon-to-be-annouced limited edition physical copies are to be available soon.

Blown away? You will be! - Riketté's Next Question out NOW (27th October 2013)


Hot on the heels of last months intro to the world of little miss Rikles; she plunges head first and back in time to the finger popping, old school, 90s vibes of Next Question. Lyrically shes got sommat to say to someone, and listen up with lines like "didnt you think I could be something" and a chorus that urges to simply "not question" I am sure it isnt just a hoodie that is making their ears a bit too warm. Replete with additional (and completly awesome) Crownstone re take - it wont be just the weather thats making you shake and shiver. Bass trap business... and LARGE!

The release comes bundled with a first from Maeg - merchandise! Oh yes, you wanna "Go and Get Gone" well take a peak at the bandcamp page and check the loverly limited, woodblock prints up there for a measley tenner - I arxs you... Go and get one!

"It's Ricky, And Thats The Ways It Is"! - Riketté Debut Promo Single i,i,i... out 27th of Sept 2013

rik_iii_maegricky genesis banana maeg

Ahh the beautiful pearly queen that is Riketté - or Kett to her friends. Well that's shorter than her full name anyway, Riketté Nefertiti Genesis. And thats a mouthful - not half.

So who is Kett? Shes a cussing nanny, a soul-jazz café crooner, a spiky, afro-beat, 2-stepping, Ska'd raver from Lambeth…

And like most people from south London of her age she was a classmate of Adele - but this time its for real - the girl actually was. (not Brit School but proper Secondary, modern like)

True knowledge!

Her Reggae backing vocalist mother and devout Rastafarian father (RIP) brought her up on a strict diet of... well... strictness but that hasnt stopped her from having fun. The real urban alternative.

She been singing and writing songs with ex Yamwho? guitarist and cohort, Simon Christophers, and together they have pulled together the best of two years writing into a clutch of choice cuts and a promising live set.

You wont know any of Ketts influences unless you have spent 20 years with your head in a bassbin, but these would be her contemporaries: Jonelle Monae, Santigold, Eliza Doolittle, Laura Mvula, Kelis, Lily Allen and la Winehouse (Recognisable actual influences are: Ella Fitz, SazVaughan, Marcia G, uncle Bobby Nesta etc.)

i,i,i is her first promo single to be released from all of that hard work and comes not only with two original mixes but also with an astonishingly poppy remix from fellow south Londoners, Grand St.


PS: If you like what you hear please contact as we have plenty more releases scheduled and for sure the aforementioned album worth of material is you do so desire to peruse.


Guilo and Friends - Light and Weight/Ruby of Cocundo: Now available (27th August 2013).


Guilo continue their foray into the world of modern classical meets folktronica with two slices of pastoral and sacred sounds, taking their trademark twist of 'beautifully strange' music into a redefined realm.

The double 'a' sided single is a inspired mix. Light and Weight culminates in an anthemic, triumphant fanfare. Whilst Ruby of Cocundo pulses with cinematic aplomb to a climax of peals of trumpets and french horn. Ably performed by Guilo plus a host of luminaries from the more-cultured music scene in London.

Beautifully mastered by Mark Beazley,the pieces are mixed expertly for hi-fi or headphone listening.

Influenced by Fleet Foxes, Aaron Copland, Arlet and North Sea Radio Orchestra, Guilo like to simply to entertain and inspire.

Available to download here.

Rebecca Carrington – Soliloquy To Tranquility: Now available (27th July 2013).


Rebecca is a talented singer, cellist, performer and cabaret artiste.

She has recorded and performed with Aretha Franklin, 4 Hero, Jill Scott and Kanye West. She has toured in Europe as a cellist and backing vocalist with David Byrne (ex-Talking Heads), In addition to performing on film soundtracks including "Lord of the Rings" and "Harry Potter".

Co-Written and recorded by Simon Christophers in 2003, Rebecca created the seminal set Soliloquy To Tranquility - now fully remastered - and available digitally for the first-time in its entriety.

Also included are two previously unreleased demos 'Time Will Tell' and 'Feeling I Am Falling'.

Available to download here.

Guilo & Isnaj Dui - Incompleteness Theorems: out 27th June 2013.

We are so very pleased to have this three track single up on Bandcamp for your listening pleasure, so much so that we wanted it renamed Completness Theorems. Written in 2007 we like to think it still sounds fresh and relevant - dare we say even, timeless.

For info about Guilo - see earlier posts or our artists page... but here is a little bit about Katie English aka Isnaj Dui:

Isnaj Dui conveys a minimal yet capturing sound using electronically manipulated flutes and homemade instruments.

Cited as a distinct voice, taking the flute away from its pastoral image whilst maintaining its unique mellow sound, English has released several critically acclaimed albums including 2010's Protective Displacement (Rural Colours) and Unstable Equilibrium (Home Normal, 2009). She has appeared at venues such as the National Portrait Gallery and Union Chapel in London and has received extensive play on Radio 3's Late Junction and BBC 6 Music.

As a classically trained flautist, English has also studied electroacoustic music, alternative tunings and Balinese gamelan. Working without laptop processing, English uses the pure tones of concert and bass flutes alongside home made dulcimers and electronics to create immersive yet restrained textures that weave in and out of each other. Available to download here.

Nice Youtube clip of Emmie Ward singing Polly Vaughn live



Emmie Ward - Fair & Sure EP: out 27th May 2013.

Soulful voiced Emmie Ward sings a collection of traditional songs from the British isles. Most are unaccompanied or have simple instrumentation of vocal harmony, flute and drum.

She has been singing for as long as she can remember and loves the powerful stories and emotional themes in traditional folk songs.

Performing solo and with other musicians around London, Emmie will be appearing at The Hemingford Arms, Islington, London (UK) on the 27th to coincide with the release of her debut EP.

Available to download here.

Emmie Ward Fair And Sure EP Maeg music

Guilo - Incline Thine Ears EP: promo available on Band Camp for pre-listen.

Eight track (as in 8 pieces of music not the obsolete pre-recorded music format from the 70s!) extended play available for digital download here. Mastered by the wonderful Mr. Mark Beazley.

Guilo Incline Thine Ears

Guilo make beautifully strange music that we would like you to hear. The EP, called Incline Thine Ears (after a early English composistion by John Milton Snr) is a collection of instrumental pieces of surprisingly musical variety, performed primarily on just two main instruments of acoustic guitar (Simon) and clarinet (Alice). The pair met through playing together in Ben Eshmade's Arctic Circle Orchestra at the many wonderful events Ben promotes at venues such as The Union Chapel, Islington and The Bush Hall, Shepherds Bush. Encompassing influences from Penguin Cafe Orchestra and North Sea Radio Orchestra, Guilo like to simply to entertain and inspire ears with a cultured, enigmatic style.


side tab