Fair and Sure (EP)

Fair and Sure (EP) by Emmie Ward

Soulful voiced Emmie Ward sings a collection of traditional songs from the British isles. Most are unaccompanied or have simple instrumentation of vocal harmony, flute and drum.

She has been singing for as long as she can remember and loves the powerful stories and emotional themes in traditional folk songs.

Regularly performing solo and with other musicians around London, Emmie won Islington Folk Club singer of the year 2016 as well as the South London Folk Festival solo song performance 2017.

Emmie has been performing songs from the ‘Folk Opera’  Captain Swing and The Blacksmith, based on the book by Beatrice Parvin, throughout the UK in 2018 and 2019. The shows garnering praise for the “musicality and lyricism of its language” as well as showcasing specially commissioned songs written by her late father, Fairport Conventions Dave ‘Swarb’ Swarbrick.

2020 sees the continuation of her work at Cecil Sharp House as ‘Folk Unlimited’. Leading creative, inclusive and multi-sensory band sessions for disabled young people alongside fellow folk artist Joe Danks.

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Produced by Simon Christophers
Mastered by Mark Beazley



Emotions by Earthman

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Earthman: an inhabitant of the planet Earth

see also: An earth-born musician.

Earthman produced idiosyncratic work in idioms such as ambient technointelligent dance music during the 1990s. He is among the least acclaimed figures in contemporary electronic music impart due to his adherence to the philosophy of ‘faceless techno’.

After initial forays into ambient and electronic music with neighbour Nick Bracegirdle, Earthman began releasing acid techno and ambient cassettes in the late 1980s early 1990s under aliases Blue Afar (with Nick the Flute) and Funky Presidence (with Lex Blackmore), and co-founded the independent label Intuitive in 1992. His debut EP Emotions was released on Intuitive in 1993

Earthman produced and engineered at his home studio in Marylebone, London, UK known as ‘the Kitchen’ and also at James Sangers ‘SkyArk Studio’ in Bournemouth, England. Earthman also co-produced and performed with Sanger on Ark-Angel and SkyArc productions for IndoChina and Hansome Records between 1993-96

After releasing a further 2 EPs – Eclectic (1994) and Homunculus (1995) – in 1996, he began to issue new music under other aliases, Underground House Orchestra (U.H.O) and Larry Mison Jnr later as Guilo.

In a September 1993 interview with Encyclopaedia Psychedelica magazine, Earthman said he composed ambient music and electronic music specifically for cassette as the running length of a c90 was ‘so pleasing’, and had “over 20 hours” of unreleased music, he also claimed to have experienced synesthesia and incorporated lucid dreaming into his compositions.

The cover of  Emotions EP features a multi-media video still life and photo montage/manipulation created with the mind-bogglingly expensive Quantel Paintbox system. Cover artwork was created by art direction duo Si ‘n’ Gav. The cover artwork to Earthman: Emotions was selected by Vaughan Olivier and Ivo Watts-Russell of 23 Envelope and 4AD as a winning entry for independent record sleeve design of note 1993. The image features possibly the only know representation of the Earthman – appearing as an Homunculus form.

Enjoy Emotions – now remastered and released as Emotions, Part 1 of a two part set…

Note: As no extraterrestrial life has been discovered, all known forms of life in the Universe are of Earth. Its modern use in literature contrasts Earth (the planet) with outer space or hypothetical other planets with sapient life. Thus this implies that the term would be used by aliens to express a creature from Earth. The meaning “creature from planet Earth” in the context of space travel may be extended to non-human species, as in “Russia fetes dog Laika, first earthman in space”.[3]


Emmie Ward singing “Polly Vaughan” live

27th May 2013

One of three Victorian ‘Murder Ballads’ beautifully sung by Emmie Ward for the Victorian crime themed evening with Kate Summerscale for Cauldron 2 at the Hemingford Arms, N1 1DF


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