Den of a Thief

Den of a Thief by Team Lambeth

The idea of this Team Lambeth single is a tantalising one: dust down the kit used on their first two singles for Maeg, Strange Paradise/Slow Release and Leftie Raver, but add hair-metal guitar for some stratospheric euphoria. The Teamsters have not just endured but prospered since their 90s heyday by redeploying this familiar bag of signifiers – muscular beats, upfront synths and unusual leads – to reliable effect.

Kicking off with steady stream of knee-jerk synth-stabs which flare into a mêlée of sub-bass and guitar strutting pomposity. Den of a Thief is one effective and super-obvious, paean to dancing, rewinding the 90s exactingly.

All in Den of a Thief moves TL’s sound on from the menace-eyed to the swirly-eyed with a track that would unite crate-diggers with heady “acieeed” squelchers, guitar meat-eaters with millennial, vegan balearics. There are no superstar guests this time, no rappers , no weird, waif-like Norwegian singers… just a more-banging-than-average tune that speaks for itself.


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