Strange Horizons - A Maeg compilation Vol: 3

Strange Horizons - A Maeg compilation Vol: 3 by Various

A review of Maeg releases from the last 3 years including brand new never released tracks by Phantasm, Earthman, Stupid Hearts Club, Riketté and U.H.O.

Full track listing:

1. Crownstone – Flying High, In Your Heart
2. Riketté – Troubles On My Mind
3. Riketté – Meantime (Shake)
4. Phantasm – Shit Flats, Coke Twats
5. U.H.O – Autumn Morning featuring Rebecca Carrington
6. Team Lambeth – Isolation
7. Stupid Hearts Club – Beat It Back Down
8. Larry Mison Jnr – Nobody Loves You Like Me feat. Carte Blanche
9. Earthman – Mind Control
10. Earthman – Betty Blue Takes The Tube (Mind The Gap)


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