Family by Guilo

Remastered for 2014; Guilos first foray into electronic ambience is brought back through time from 1993 to the present day for a fresh outing.

Recorded at SkyArk Studios in Bournemouth – where Guilo was working with producer/programmer James Sanger, the original session saw a finished result with a running time clocking in at over 14mins. The second session saw this whittled down to a more palatable five and whilst both versions were released on CD at the time it is the condensed version that came to be definitive.

Whilst soaked in the obligatory Orb and KLF influences of the time the electronic ambience of Family however has a eye firmly on the future with live glockenspiel and plucked strings – these elements coupled with sampled glitches and wind pipes push the envelope to the ambient leanings of modern day ambient.

Lay back, listen and enjoy – and download for free over at BandCamp.


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