Talking by Headstockz

“An electric coleslaw of experimantal, Post rock inspired, Santana-esque latin afro-jazz, north African and tripped out west coast vibes seen through a post-millennial lens”


Mæg presents a concept album for the Logic generation. Headstockz is part of “One Hour”, a series of sonic experiments by London-based artist Simon Christophers, designed to investigate how the constraints of time and software can impact on semi-randomised live and sampled sounds. Headstockz percolates natural and global influences through a digital framework, resulting in a vast, multi-sensory soundscape, at once timeless and psychedelic.


One Hour – the concept formula:

  1. You have 60 minutes per track
  2. Fire up Logic
  3. Select a drum loop at random + a random bass loop
  4. Plug in guitar, press record + play for eight minutes
  5. Tidy recording using a max of four edits – remove anything you hate
  6. If any minutes remaining, tinker
  7. Listen


⌂ If you love Santana, Yppah, M83, Tortoise, I Am Not A Gun


Released 27/03/2014

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