Next Question

Next Question by Riketté

Hot on the heels of last month’s intro to the world of little miss Rikles; she plunges head first and back in time to the finger popping, old school, 90s vibes of Next Question. Lyrically shes got sommat to say to someone, and listen up with lines like “didnt you think I could be something” and a chorus that urges you to simply “not question”. I am sure it isn’t just a hoodie that is making their ears a bit too warm. Replete with additional (and completly awesome) Crownstone re take – it wont be just the weather thats making you shake and shiver. Bass trap business… and LARGE!

The release comes bundled with a first from Maeg – merchandise! Oh yes, you wanna “Go and Get Gone”, well take a peak at the bandcamp page and check the loverly limited, woodblock prints up there for a measley tenner – I arxs you… Go and get one!


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