Drink It In

Drink It In by Riketté

Feeling a little worse for wear? Plucking up muster for the 31st? Or maybe your still full of beans and ready for more of the high life – whatever the weather – New Year’s knocking with Maeg still in the Christmas spirit.

As such we have a gratis gift of gravity that is smoother than a gravy sarnie for you to feast upon! But before you slide over to claim your free download at Bandcamp, know this; Drink It In/ Running Away is a double header of a release worthy of repeated listens at home, work or play. Pop it on your phone and whistle while you work out those New Year resoultions. If its the demon drink that needs putting to bed or there are ghosts in the closet that need airing then chase them otta earth this hogmany with a freshly ironed shirt of alternative urban shakedowns couretesy of Maeg.


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