Acoustic / Electric - Maeg Music, Volume One

Acoustic / Electric - Maeg Music, Volume One by Various

A review of Maeg releases from the first 3 years including brand new never released tracks by Emmie Ward, Riketté and UHO feat. Rob Lavers.

Full track listing:

1. Riketté – Drawing On The Pane
2. Rebecca Carrington – O Amor Em Paz
3. U.H.O. feat. Rob Lavers – Chromatik
4. Riketté – i,i,i (alternative urban version)
5. Rebecca Carrington – Now I Know
6. Headstockz – Gibson ‘The Paul’
7. U.H.O. feat. Carlton – Where There’s Music (radio edit)
8. Winston Skerritt – Mrs. Brown
9. Guilo & Friends – Ruby Of Cocundu
10. Emmie Ward – Polly Vaughn (Live)
11. Winston Skerritt – Cider-Man
12. Emmie Ward – Werewolf
13. Guilo & Isnaj Dui – Financial Collapse
14. Simon Christophers – Egmond

Acoustic / Electric - Maeg Music, Volume One

Released 27/04/16

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19th February 2016

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Acoustic / Electric – Maeg Music, Volume One

LE red Vinyl of Hellfire Clubs In Hammersmith EP

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Guilo & Friends – Light and Weight ​/​ Ruby Of Cocundo

Riketté – i​,​i​,​i​.​.​.

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Riketté – Drink It In

Emmie Ward singing “Polly Vaughan” live


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19th February 2016


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19th February 2016


More Maeg News

Light and Weight ​/​ Ruby Of Cocundo

Light and Weight ​/​ Ruby Of Cocundo by Guilo & Friends

“Beautifully strange music to inspire the soul”


Guilo continue his foray into the world of modern classical meets folktronica with this double A sided single. The two slices burst with pastoral and sacred sounds performed with a host of friends from the more-cultured music scene in London.


Light and Weight culminates in an anthemic, triumphant fanfare, while Ruby of Cocundo pulses with cinematic aplomb to a climax of peals of trumpets and French horn. Beautifully mastered by Mark Beazley, the pieces are mixed expertly for hi-fi or headphone listening.


⌂ If you love Aaron Copland, Arlet, Fleet Foxes and North Sea Radio Orchestra


Guitar, Synth, Percussion: Guilo

Clarinet: Alice Westlake

Xylophone and angelharp: Oliver Cherer

Violin: Frank Biddulph

Trumpet: John Eacott

Cello and vocals: Rebecca Carrington

Vocals: Riketté Nefertiti Genesis

Mastering: Mark Beazley



i​,​i​,​i​.​.​. by Riketté

Ahh the beautiful pearly queen that is Riketté – or Kett to her friends. Well that’s shorter than her full name anyway, Riketté Nefertiti Genesis.

So who is Kett? Shes a cussing nanny, a soul-jazz café crooner, a spiky, afro-beat, 2-stepping, Ska’d raver from Lambeth…

And like most people from south London of her age she was a classmate of Adele – but this time its for real – the girl actually was. (not Brit School but proper Secondary, modern like)

True knowledge!

Her Reggae backing vocalist mother and devout Rastafarian father (RIP) brought her up on a strict diet of… well… strictness but that hasnt stopped her from having fun. The real urban alternative.

She been singing and writing songs with ex Yam Who? guitarist and cohort, Simon Christophers, and together they have pulled together the best of two years writing into a clutch of choice cuts and a promising live set.

You won’t know any of Kett’s influences unless you have spent 20 years with your head in a bassbin, but these would be her contemporaries: Jonelle Monae, Santigold, Eliza Doolittle, Laura Mvula, Kelis, Lily Allen and la Winehouse (Recognisable actual influences are: Ella Fitz, SazVaughan, Marcia G, uncle Bobby Nesta etc.)

i,i,i is her first promo single to be released from all of that hard work and comes not only with two original mixes but also with an astonishingly poppy remix from fellow south Londoners, Grand St.



Next Question

Next Question by Riketté

Hot on the heels of last month’s intro to the world of little miss Rikles; she plunges head first and back in time to the finger popping, old school, 90s vibes of Next Question. Lyrically shes got sommat to say to someone, and listen up with lines like “didnt you think I could be something” and a chorus that urges you to simply “not question”. I am sure it isn’t just a hoodie that is making their ears a bit too warm. Replete with additional (and completly awesome) Crownstone re take – it wont be just the weather thats making you shake and shiver. Bass trap business… and LARGE!

The release comes bundled with a first from Maeg – merchandise! Oh yes, you wanna “Go and Get Gone”, well take a peak at the bandcamp page and check the loverly limited, woodblock prints up there for a measley tenner – I arxs you… Go and get one!



Talking by Headstockz

“An electric coleslaw of experimantal, Post rock inspired, Santana-esque latin afro-jazz, north African and tripped out west coast vibes seen through a post-millennial lens”


Mæg presents a concept album for the Logic generation. Headstockz is part of “One Hour”, a series of sonic experiments by London-based artist Simon Christophers, designed to investigate how the constraints of time and software can impact on semi-randomised live and sampled sounds. Headstockz percolates natural and global influences through a digital framework, resulting in a vast, multi-sensory soundscape, at once timeless and psychedelic.


One Hour – the concept formula:

  1. You have 60 minutes per track
  2. Fire up Logic
  3. Select a drum loop at random + a random bass loop
  4. Plug in guitar, press record + play for eight minutes
  5. Tidy recording using a max of four edits – remove anything you hate
  6. If any minutes remaining, tinker
  7. Listen


⌂ If you love Santana, Yppah, M83, Tortoise, I Am Not A Gun


Released 27/03/2014

Available from:
Google Play

Listen on:


Mulberry Harbour ​/ ​Falaise Pocket (Single)

Mulberry Harbour ​/ ​Falaise Pocket (Single) by Guilo

“Reflective soundscapes for the thinker”


London based artist Guilo presents an instrumental double A-side of modern classical meets folktronica. Inspired by a road trip through French Normandy, this is a pastoral, demi-orchestral reflection of war mementos encountered along the way.

Mulberry Harbour, like its namesake in Arromanches, is timeless and almost magical. Guitar chords are wrapped in enchanted percussion and brass, set against waves of warm familiarity. Falaise Pocket weaves a mood of urgent trepidation with guitar, French horn and chimes. Oscillating between strength and weakness, confidence and fear, we are left somewhat afloat, without a sense of resolution or closure.


⌂ If you love Aaron Copeland, Fleet Foxes and North Sea Radio Orchestra


Liberty X

Liberty X "Just A Little RMX X2" by Team Lambeth

No further information available at present.


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