Earthtones Part 2

Earthtones Part 2 by Earthman


Earthtones Part 1

Earthtones Part 1 by Earthman


Ersatz Gold

Ersatz Gold by Duggie Fields

01. Ersatz Gold (04.01)
02. Ersatz Gold – instrumental (04.01)
03. Ersatz Gold – Team Lambeth Edit (04.00)

Total time – 12.00

Duggie Fields – Composer, Arranger, vocals, recording

Simon Christophers, arranging, mastering engineeer


Meet Duggie Fields video

27th October 2020


The Stockwell E.P.

The Stockwell E.P. by U.H.O.

01. Turn Out The Lights (06.03)
02. Gotta Make It Real (03.11)
03. Controlled Zone (03.17)

Total time – 12.00

Simon Christophers – Composer, Arranger, Steel-string Acoustic Guitars, electric guitars, electric and acoustic bass, Rhodes piano, synth, drum programming and additional percussion, vocal effects. Recording, mastering



Isolated by Simon Christophers

01. Isolated (04.12)
02. Socially Distant (02.39)
03. Hothouse (02.43)
04. Throw Shade (03.11)
05. Lowkey Flex (02.23)
06. No Cap Fire (02.35)
07. Climate Emergency (02.57)
08. Hellacious (02.22)
09. Big Yikes, Periodt (03.01)
10. Homemade (01.25)
11. Homefire (remastered) (05.22)
12. Stay Alert (02.31)

Total time – 35.00

Simon Christophers – Composer, Arranger, Steel-string Acoustic Guitar
Jon Clayton – mastering engineer

Composed and recorded in isolation over the1st lockdown beginning March 2020, Christophers’ delivers 12 beautifully different instrumental acoustic guitar pieces.

Christophers’ first album for Maeg employs nearly exclusively alternate tunings on prepared guitar. Making extensive use of folk, new age and classical guitar techniques. The precise duration of sounds and silences in the pieces are in juxtaposition to the informal recording environments.


Released 27/09/2020

Available from:
Google Play

Listen on:


Secrets & Lies (Mixes)

Secrets & Lies (Mixes) by U.H.O.


The One (Remixes)

The One (Remixes) by U.H.O.


Miami Flight

Miami Flight by UHO

Centred around the ‘Little Portugal’ area of Lambeth, UHO’s compositions reflect the street sounds of his locality and the escapism of his mentality. Arrangements, orchestration and melody rule the day – with each production unfolding mystery and depth on each play.

Previous press for UHO:

“I love the music comin’ outta the UHO” – Teddy D (Basement Boys)

“Deep production and strictly jazzy vibes with that all important latin twist” – Phil Cheeseman (Essence Records)

“Too, too deep” – DJ Alex from Tokyo

“A future classic from Recreation Records (UK), English eccentricity flavours the new world sunshine of ‘Miami Flight’. ‘Strange Lines’ on the flip picks up the laidback thread while adding some subtle d&b action.” – IDJ Magazine

“Live sounds come to the fore on this strong, slice of Latin-flavoured dance. Breakbeats and acoustic guitar give a haunting sun-kissed quality to the b-side, Strange Lines.” – Music Week

“Downbeat recommended: UHO’s Miami Flight a strange, soulfully chilled trip.” – XLR8R Magazine

“UHO make beautifully different music. Two tunes with a jazz edge that defy categorisation. It’s the atmosphere that gets you.” –

“Technojazzmusik for spy kids!” –

“This is simply intelligent, tuneful electronica.” – Technics Dance Update


Just Imagine – Duggie Fields, music/art & Liquitex

27th April 2020

Global paint brands Liquitex – online video teaser showcasing Duggie, his art and his music


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