Riketté on Sky News

27th May 2017

When you get on the news… and for all the right reasons… live at lunchtime with Riketté featured at a free concert at London Royal Festival Hall foyer


Rikette CD – Promo Edition

23rd March 2017

Promo Edition of 50 Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

  • Strictly limited to 50 copies this promotional CD of Riketté’s debut album was manufactured for her opening performance at Women of the World Festival at the Southbank, London UK premiere venue in March 2017 – WE SHIP WORLDWIDE. 
  • Includes high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.ships out within 2 days
  • Was edition of 50 and there are now 10 remaining – £8 each incl. pp

Riketté at Women of the World festival

8th March 2017

Tomorrow (Thursday) I’ve the pleasure of singing at the Women of the World private dinner! Looking forward to meeting all the participants. 

I’ll also be performing on the first day of the festival! (Friday) ITS FREE and open to the public. Come down 🎉🎉

Check link 👇🏾for deets. 



i​,​i​,​i​.​.​. by Riketté

Ahh the beautiful pearly queen that is Riketté – or Kett to her friends. Well that’s shorter than her full name anyway, Riketté Nefertiti Genesis.

So who is Kett? Shes a cussing nanny, a soul-jazz café crooner, a spiky, afro-beat, 2-stepping, Ska’d raver from Lambeth…

And like most people from south London of her age she was a classmate of Adele – but this time its for real – the girl actually was. (not Brit School but proper Secondary, modern like)

True knowledge!

Her Reggae backing vocalist mother and devout Rastafarian father (RIP) brought her up on a strict diet of… well… strictness but that hasnt stopped her from having fun. The real urban alternative.

She been singing and writing songs with ex Yam Who? guitarist and cohort, Simon Christophers, and together they have pulled together the best of two years writing into a clutch of choice cuts and a promising live set.

You won’t know any of Kett’s influences unless you have spent 20 years with your head in a bassbin, but these would be her contemporaries: Jonelle Monae, Santigold, Eliza Doolittle, Laura Mvula, Kelis, Lily Allen and la Winehouse (Recognisable actual influences are: Ella Fitz, SazVaughan, Marcia G, uncle Bobby Nesta etc.)

i,i,i is her first promo single to be released from all of that hard work and comes not only with two original mixes but also with an astonishingly poppy remix from fellow south Londoners, Grand St.



Next Question

Next Question by Riketté

Hot on the heels of last month’s intro to the world of little miss Rikles; she plunges head first and back in time to the finger popping, old school, 90s vibes of Next Question. Lyrically shes got sommat to say to someone, and listen up with lines like “didnt you think I could be something” and a chorus that urges you to simply “not question”. I am sure it isn’t just a hoodie that is making their ears a bit too warm. Replete with additional (and completly awesome) Crownstone re take – it wont be just the weather thats making you shake and shiver. Bass trap business… and LARGE!

The release comes bundled with a first from Maeg – merchandise! Oh yes, you wanna “Go and Get Gone”, well take a peak at the bandcamp page and check the loverly limited, woodblock prints up there for a measley tenner – I arxs you… Go and get one!


Miss Leading Happy E​P (promo)

Miss Leading Happy E​P (promo) by Riketté

Baring her soul on this three track promotional release, Riketté charts loves won and lost whilst setting out her stall with soon to be trademarked lyrical shenanigans and syncopated arrangements. Featuring the wonderful trumpet playing of brass legend John Eacott, title track Miss Leading Happy has a vibe of Burt Baccarach meets Chet Baker in Brixton High Street – and its a pretty fair result, honest!

Check out the free download on Bandcamp. Also included on the EP is X-Box Live: a paen to the utopian delights of the virtual world which continues within the jazz idiom; whilst Lonely Blues brings Rik back into the familar ska inflected territory (or the ‘urban alternative’!) replete with a haunting lead harmonica topline.



Riketté by Riketté

Wham, Bam, thank you Ma’am – the Lambeth Royalty that is Kett Gen sashays onto iTunes (and all other major download stores/streaming services worldwide) and flops down a weighty, rabble rousing stormer of a set that is her debut long-player on the kitchen table. Maeg has been looking forward to setting Kett amongst the pop pigeons for some time… oh yes!

Waxing lyrical on rich and varied paens to loves won and lost, bottles sunk and battles fought on disparate yet cohesive productions that run the gamut from smoky, jazz filled vibes to straight up 2-step ska and beyond. Riketté embues each viginette with an individual character. Best likened to your favourite dishes severd with a extra little shot of Tabasco – some like it hot, and shes knows most do.

Kett not only provides wonderful warbling but adds her productions skills, ivory tickling and even slide whistle to the meleé – combine this with authentic live percussion, tough brass (courtesy of John Eacott) straight-from-the-hip syncopated guitars (Simon Christophers) not to mention further co-collab’s (Crownstone and Torpex5) you know its time to bow down and parléz.


On this day in history – Riketté interview

13th April 2015

Soulful sounds are timeless (even if the audio/visual sync is feeling the effects of a late night!)

Sprucing up from a spring clean Maeg have dusted off this dusty tome and brought it straight down from the the attic for your listening delight and visual treat – so get your peepers round this…

Recorded in Rik’s cosy Borough yard almost a year to the day (April 2014), the lovely lads and lasses at Art Begets Spirit recorded the wonderful Miss R in a homespun stylee.

Tickling the ivories with aplomb and warbling like there is no tomorrow, she waxes lyrical on her past, present and future as an artist – laying it down like it is; and still finding time in her hectic schedule to turn out three acoustic renditions from her then forthcoming debut release Riketté.



More Maeg News

Drink It In

Drink It In by Riketté

Feeling a little worse for wear? Plucking up muster for the 31st? Or maybe your still full of beans and ready for more of the high life – whatever the weather – New Year’s knocking with Maeg still in the Christmas spirit.

As such we have a gratis gift of gravity that is smoother than a gravy sarnie for you to feast upon! But before you slide over to claim your free download at Bandcamp, know this; Drink It In/ Running Away is a double header of a release worthy of repeated listens at home, work or play. Pop it on your phone and whistle while you work out those New Year resoultions. If its the demon drink that needs putting to bed or there are ghosts in the closet that need airing then chase them otta earth this hogmany with a freshly ironed shirt of alternative urban shakedowns couretesy of Maeg.


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