Den of a Thief

Den of a Thief by Team Lambeth

The idea of this Team Lambeth single is a tantalising one: dust down the kit used on their first two singles for Maeg, Strange Paradise/Slow Release and Leftie Raver, but add hair-metal guitar for some stratospheric euphoria. The Teamsters have not just endured but prospered since their 90s heyday by redeploying this familiar bag of signifiers – muscular beats, upfront synths and unusual leads – to reliable effect.

Kicking off with steady stream of knee-jerk synth-stabs which flare into a mêlée of sub-bass and guitar strutting pomposity. Den of a Thief is one effective and super-obvious, paean to dancing, rewinding the 90s exactingly.

All in Den of a Thief moves TL’s sound on from the menace-eyed to the swirly-eyed with a track that would unite crate-diggers with heady “acieeed” squelchers, guitar meat-eaters with millennial, vegan balearics. There are no superstar guests this time, no rappers , no weird, waif-like Norwegian singers… just a more-banging-than-average tune that speaks for itself.


Strange Paradise/Slow Release

Strange Paradise/Slow Release by Team Lambeth

The 00s bass heads return – with a trip to a Strange Paradise and its a heavy, heavy trip… threatening and electrically charged beats rule the day – b side – Slow Release gives you a chance to relax.


Leftie Raver

Leftie Raver by Team Lambeth

Few producers embody London’s complex relationship with the mainstream as fully as Team Lambeth. Whilst making an innately engaging and accessible noise, they still have a knack of creating a distinct unease with their canon, a menacing chirrup if you like. This menacing chirrup is the constant sub-text that restates the roots of ragga-house, grimey hip-hop and other super, slimey hyphenated sounds that persist in defining the capital.

From the outset Leftie Raver channels a pressure from the marshes of Hackney to the wetlands of Barnes via the backgarden views of the London Overground system.


Liberty X

Liberty X "Just A Little RMX X2" by Team Lambeth

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