Light and Weight ​/​ Ruby Of Cocundo

Light and Weight ​/​ Ruby Of Cocundo by Guilo & Friends

“Beautifully strange music to inspire the soul”


Guilo continue his foray into the world of modern classical meets folktronica with this double A sided single. The two slices burst with pastoral and sacred sounds performed with a host of friends from the more-cultured music scene in London.


Light and Weight culminates in an anthemic, triumphant fanfare, while Ruby of Cocundo pulses with cinematic aplomb to a climax of peals of trumpets and French horn. Beautifully mastered by Mark Beazley, the pieces are mixed expertly for hi-fi or headphone listening.


⌂ If you love Aaron Copland, Arlet, Fleet Foxes and North Sea Radio Orchestra


Guitar, Synth, Percussion: Guilo

Clarinet: Alice Westlake

Xylophone and angelharp: Oliver Cherer

Violin: Frank Biddulph

Trumpet: John Eacott

Cello and vocals: Rebecca Carrington

Vocals: Riketté Nefertiti Genesis

Mastering: Mark Beazley


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