Mulberry Harbour ​/ ​Falaise Pocket (Single)

Mulberry Harbour ​/ ​Falaise Pocket (Single) by Guilo

“Reflective soundscapes for the thinker”


London based artist Guilo presents an instrumental double A-side of modern classical meets folktronica. Inspired by a road trip through French Normandy, this is a pastoral, demi-orchestral reflection of war mementos encountered along the way.

Mulberry Harbour, like its namesake in Arromanches, is timeless and almost magical. Guitar chords are wrapped in enchanted percussion and brass, set against waves of warm familiarity. Falaise Pocket weaves a mood of urgent trepidation with guitar, French horn and chimes. Oscillating between strength and weakness, confidence and fear, we are left somewhat afloat, without a sense of resolution or closure.


⌂ If you love Aaron Copeland, Fleet Foxes and North Sea Radio Orchestra


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